Welcome to Iniya Organic Estate

Located in nature’s humble abode of Kolli hills at an altitude of 3750 ft from mean sea level, Iniya Organic Estate is a vast and widely spread estate, surrounded by imperial forests on two sides, a government undertaking horticulture farm and a sparkling natural spring on the other sides. Iniya Organic Estate is well shielded by Mother Nature with no interventions.

Single-Origin Estate

100% Organic

100 % Organic Produce such as Coffee, Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Mace and Hill Bananas are harvested in our estate using certified Organic methods. We hold the pride of practicing organic farming and are certified under government standards.

Birds Eye View of Our Estate

An enticing hill station that stands away from all the urban hustle. Located in Namakkal district of Tamilnadu, this ancient hill station is featured in several classical Tamil literatures and folklores dating back to the Sangam period. Apart from its historical significance, the mountains are covered with evergreen forests. Farm products of the mountain ranges include Black Pepper, Coffee, Jackfruit, Hill Banana, Pineapple, Oranges, Tapioca, and other Spices. The forests are home to several species of endemic trees and plants that still remain clandestine under the roof of this inexplicable wild hillscape. The land is still relatively untouched by time and much of the charm of this hill country still remains mystical to probe.

Single Origin Estate

Single origin estate is where the estate’s products are grown within a single known geographical location. The term ‘Single origin’ may apply to a particular place or part of a place but having a ‘Single origin Estate’ is most exceptional. There are only a handful of ‘Single origin’ estates across the globe.

It may seem like a little distinction to make, but factors including cultivation process, soil richness, nutrients, micro – nutrients, type of bio – fertilizer used, and the timing of harvest plays a vital role in determining the quality and flavor of the product.

In Iniya Organic Estate – The plants and trees are irrigated through the natural spring that borders the estate. As all the essentials for a plantation such as water, nutrients, weather and composts are naturally available at Iniya Organic Estate we are proud to assert that “Zero Resource” is procured from outside.

The estate is also home to variety of birds, squirrels, treetop bee hives and large spider webs which span up to 10 feet in length. The soil is a haven to numerous clews of earthworms – which collectively is evident of the organic environment and soil richness prevailing in the estate.

Iniya Organic Estate is Managed By “The Doctor Duo” – Dr.Elango & Dr.Susitra Elango

Dr. Elango, DCH, Pediatrician & Dr. Susitra Elango, DGO, Consultant – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, India’s First National Award Winners for Organic Cardamom Cultivation has been managing Iniya Organic Estate successfully over a decade.
Coming from an agricultural family, Dr.Elango’s passion towards agriculture made him set path in Organic farming and Dr.Susitra, mother of two children renders her valuable support in estate’s management and operations.


Administrative Office

139/17, Railadi Street, Attur – 636102, Salem (Dt), Tamil Nadu, India. E-Mail: helpline@iniyaorganicestate.com

Iniya Organic Estate

Kolli Hills, Namakkal (Dt), Tamilnadu, India.