Iniya Organics would take all corrective steps in processing the order & strives to service the medicines and products in right conditions without any damage at all times of every order placed by a customer. There are following situations may arise which may cause the action of return/replacement of product: Product(s) delivered to you do not match your order & delivered products with a damage (packaging, cassette, box opened etc).

We strongly recommend the items should be checked at the time of delivery.

Please deny any products with a damage during the delivery. In case you find any damage after unpacking the package, the same may be returned for a refund. We would ensure all claims for refund for its genuine and authenticate the same. If the company finds that is valid, we would initiate the refund to their respective bank accounts. Company has the right to deny any claim which its find not valid for claim.

Please note Company will not accept or approve any claim made after 2 days from the delivery of the product. Iniya Organics has the right to cancel the return/ refund request after the above said 2 days period.

Iniya Organics will not tolerate any unjustified complaints regarding the quality and content of the products. Iniya Organics has the right to pursue legal actions against you. We would like to know you would be liable for all costs incurred by the company on the same.